Now is a great time to join our popular swimming lessons programme. Whether you’re wanting your child to perfect their front crawl or actually have them take their first steps into the water, we have a class to suit you.


If you’re looking for private lessons then please call us on 01983 563656 and ask to speak to an instructor or email .

Lessons are on Monday to Friday after school or Saturday and Sunday mornings.

For available slots please ring 01983 563656 . 



An Overview of our Swimming Lessons Programme


Stage 1 - Entering water safely, at ease with water on face, basic movement skills and water confidence skills,  using aids movement front/back for 5 metres, push and glides, exit water safely. Distance of 5 metres no aids.

Stage 2 – Gaining confidence with no aids front to back positions, submerging head under water, travel on front/back for 10 metres, jump into water exit with no help, gain water safety knowledge. 

Stage 3 – Further previous skills, submerge fully under water, obtain object from bottom of pool, introduce breathing, learn water safety code. Distance 25 metres arms out of water attempt of breathing. Introduce butterfly and breaststroke kick. 

Stage 4 – Developing understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills, refining kicking technique for all strokes. Introduce a sitting dive. Distance 50 metres.

Stage 5 – Developing sculling and treading water skills, refining all strokes. Introduce standing dive. Distance 100 metres.

Stage 6 – Learning correct breathing techniques for all strokes, understanding preparation for exercise, introduce competitive swimming techniques and drills. Distance 200 metres or above.

Stage 7 – Developing legal swim England stroke technique, combining skills learnt into drills, increasing aerobic capacity and endurance. Introduce competitive starts and turns for all strokes. 

Stage 8 - Preparation for competitive swimming, perfecting stroke strength and technique over a greater distance. Focusing on both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. 

Swimming Stage Criteria

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