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Learning to swim is an incredible way to stay healthy and fit as well as being one of the only skills that could save your life. Water Safety is something we are very passionate about as we are very fortunate to be surrounded by a beautiful coastline.


At Waterside Pool we offer professional and fun swimming lessons for all ages and abilities. Here at Waterside we offer a highly accredited Swim England learn to swim programme supported by Southern Water. Endorsed by the Amateur Swimming Association and delivered by our very own expert Teachers and Coaches.


Classes are divided into stages and designed to suit your swimmers abilities. As they learn and improve they will move through the different stages of the Learn to Swim programme.


You can join your swimmer in the water when they are just starting out age 3 years in our stage 0 classes and be a part of the initial journey, watching them progress and grow in confidence. When your swimmer nears completion of the Learn to Swim Programme, we offer competitive swimming (Ryde Swimming Club), or Rookies (Ryde Beach Lifeguards).  

Please be reassured for any child who feels under confident, we have platforms to help in the water and a small teacher / pupil ratio to get them started.

 Our lessons are available 50 weeks of the year, 

Monday – Friday in the afternoon and Saturday - Sunday in the morning. 

Direct Debit payment in partnership with Harlands. Contract for 1st month.

For more information please call us on 01983 563656 or follow the online lesson enquiry form link below, we aim to get back to you as soon as we can. 


This class is to introduce children and adults into the aquatic environment 
3yrs with Adult in the water. 30 minute lesson


Suitable for non-swimmers. Basic movement, water awareness and confidence, aim to swim 5m.


For children who can swim 5m+ developing floatation and rotation.

Aim to swim 10m on front and back.


Children can gain 25m on front and back furthering their previous skills, adding submersion and introducing Breaststroke and Butterfly kick.


Refining kicking techniques for all strokes, understanding buoyancy, aim 50m


Developing sculling, diving and treading water, strokes must be to swim England standard. Aim 100m


Understanding water safety aspects and preparation for exercise, coordinated breathing in all strokes. To gain 200m+


Combining all skills learnt, introducing starts and turns, increasing aerobic and endurance.


Perfecting stroke strength and technique over further distances.


Our talent lanes are taught by coaches, who will be able to prepare you for competitive swimming

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