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Welcome to Ryde Swimming Club

Live to swim, Swim to win.




Ryde Swimming Club (RYDS) was founded in 2015 by Waterside Community Trust. 

We are a friendly and competitive swimming club with swimmer ages ranging from 7 years through to Masters (25+). We aim to develop swimming skills, stamina, and speed of all our members. Our goal is for all our swimmers to achieve the best they can, to improve on their ‘personal best’ times, to enjoy the swimming and the competition.


We fundamentally believe it is important for all our members to enjoy their training and make new friends along the way.

Ryde Swimming Club is the only swimming club on the island to have Swim Mark Accreditation from Swim England. 


Swim Mark is the Swim England's quality mark for clubs and is about creating the best possible swimming experience for all and raising the quality of aquatic provision. It also recognises that clubs are providing a quality service for all members. Through Swim Mark the club automatically gains Clubmark status, which is widely recognised by potential funders who can assist with club growth and development.

Ryde Swimming Club was founded on a passion for swimming and wanting to provide a swimming club for Ryde and the surrounding areas. Therefore the live to swim directly relates to that inner need to be in the water and the positive feelings it invokes, whether it is freedom, stress relief, enjoyment, seeing your swimming family and many more reasons why we all ‘live to swim’. We are so lucky to train at Waterside Pool, where we also have the pleasure of swimming outdoors with the sun beaming down on us in the summer months. 


Swim to Win relates to the dedication required by all of our swimmers. The coaches will provide professional training and support, but it is up to the swimmers to put in the effort and pool time to continue to improve their technique, knowledge and of course PB times. More so than most sports, swimming requires a huge amount of dedication and time in the pool, which is why ’Swim to Win’ is so apt. 

Presently, we offer competitive swimming and as a result, the club is affiliated to Swim England, Swim England Hampshire County, Solent Network Swimming and Swim England South East Region.


For all enquiries, please email:


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Health - Swimming keeps your child's heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture

Competitions - The club regularly attends competitions throughout the year.


Why not join one of our talent lanes? Our talent lanes are taught by coaches, who will be able to prepare you for competitive swimming, by working on your stamina, competitive starts, turns and stroke development. The coaches will then be able to advise you when would be best for you to transfer to the swimming club in their Junior Squad. 

Friday 18:00 - 18:45
Saturday 10:45 - 11:30



Ryde Swimming Club is fortunate enough to have the support of Waterside Community Trust, which is not only where we train but the centre has played an invaluable part in supporting the club to ensure its growth, development and sustainability. 

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Our team kit consists of:

Swimming Hat, Polo Shirt and Hoodie


There are two types of swimming hat, which come in one size. There is the regular purple and yellow hat or the more expensive white and yellow bullet hat.


There are a variety of sizes for the polo shirt and hoodie. However, the hoodie is personalised with your name on it, which is included in the price.

children's AND ADULT'S measurements

Kids Polo_edited.jpg
ADULT POLO_edited.png
ADULT HOODIE_edited.png

Please attend all swim meets in your hoodie, so that you are easily identifiable. The polo shirt is for wearing poolside and again makes you instantly recognisable as part of Ryde Swimming Club. You can train in your own swim hats, but please make sure you compete in the official club hat.


To make an order please download, print off and complete the following order form. Once completed please hand in to a Coach at training. All payments are to be made by bank transfer into the club account - details on the order form.


Ryde swimming club uses Teamer to manage training days, times and communication to the swimmers and their adults additionally we recommend you follow our Facebook page where we often post the most up to date news which is @Rydeswimmingclub

NB. When entering Meets, entries MUST be accompanied by the correct fees. The club will only enter swimmers who have paid in full.

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