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We want to make sure everyone has a fun time in the water. Throughout the year we teach water safety to every school that does their lessons at Waterside and to all our swimming lessons from complete beginners to the 16 year olds that will be lifeguards in the near future. That is well in excess of 1,000 Island children per year. (We are not only here for the Ryde children, we have children in our lessons from all over the Island.)


Obviously water safety is our business and so we want to make sure you have all the information you need to stay safe by the water this summer.


Follow this simple advice:


1. Always go with a friend and let someone know where you are going and when you will be back


2. Know the dangers of water ! It may look safe but lots of people die each year in places that look safe and appear to be fun. Just watch the news and you will hear the stories. Do not let that be you. Look at the links below so you know the dangers.


3. If the sign says ‘Danger Do Not Swim’ or ‘No Swimming’ please do not risk it…is it worth your life?


4. Tombstoning (jumping form height into unknown depths of water) may look fun but is it worth a life in a wheelchair for two seconds of an adrenaline rush?


During the school summer holidays, May half-term and weekends in June and July, the beach lifeguards are watching over the area between the red and yellow flags (behind the Big Kahuna café at ‘Sandy Slipway’). Also our pool is open and if the sun is out our roof will be open so you can enjoy the ultimate safe swim with our lovely lifeguards watching over you. What more could you ask for? During the summer holidays there will be a FUN SESSION EVERY DAY. And if you buy the £15 Junior monthly user card you can swim everyday for FREE. (£5 yearly membership also needed) Seriously 50p per day if that isn’t a bargain I don’t know what is!


Here are some links to national sites who all want you to be safe around and on the water.


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