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Octopush is also known as Underwater Hockey and the governing body is the British Octopush Association (BOA).

Octopush is played for fun, as well as in tournaments, leagues and competitions throughout England and the world.

The Isle of Wight has had a club for many years and it is based in Ryde at the Waterside Pool on the seafront.


The Waterside has a retractable roof and so we can play in the open air when the weather allows. There is no season as with other sports and we play every week unaffected by the weather.

Octopush is a fun, exciting and energetic game played on the bottom of a swimming pool using snorkelling equipment and is played by juniors and adults. It is an ideal aerobic game for anyone who can swim and great for improving and keeping fit and improves water confidence.  Most people who take up the game notice a difference in a few weeks and see they can make further improvements. This will be of benefit if you also play other sports.

If you can swim – you can play and Octopush is open to ages 8+. You can play at any level, from fun within our local club through to trialling for the Great Britain teams. Skills and teamwork are taught and quickly develop. We also arrange for players to take part in the national junior tournaments.

The basic game is quite simple, teams of six have to push, flick and pass the puck into the opposition’s goal. Players have snorkelling equipment (masks, snorkel and fins) and hats and sticks which are coloured to show which team they are on – black or white. Players also wear gloves to protect their fingers from the tiles and puck.


It is a non-contact, breath-holding snorkelling game where the action quickly moves up and down as well as around the playing area. Formal tournament games have two water referees and one referee on the poolside. The stick is 30cm long and the puck weighs 1.3kg.

Fun, aerobic, non-contact, team sport.

Improve swimming/snorkelling skills & water confidence.


Adults (experienced - invitation)  7:45pm - 8:45 pm



Juniors (ages 8-17) 6:00pm - 7:00 pm   

Intermediate (new adults & experienced juniors)  7:00pm - 8:00 pm

Adults (experienced)  8:00pm - 9:00 pm


Payment options:


                           Standing order (per month)                      

Juniors:        £17  (ave £4 per session)

Adults:          £26  (ave £6 per session) 


   Individual sessions

Juniors: £5

Adults:  £8

Small friendly club.  No snorkel experience required.

Just come and meet us at the pool on any Sunday

Or contact Tim for more information: 
Or look us up on Facebook:  @IsleOFWightOctopush

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