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Swimmers MUST also be registered with Swim England.


Forms can be downloaded above.


Swim England Category 1 & 3 form


Category 1: This is for individuals who are part of our club and are learning to swim or are swimming at any level within our club network.


It is not for people who compete in open competition, unless the event has an exemption under Swim England Law or is designated as Low Level Competition.

(Download the definition here).


Cost is £20.00 per year.


Category 3: This is for non-swimming members eg. those who assist in the running of the club.

Cost is £5.20 per year.


Swim England Category 2 form


Category 2: Category two membership is Swim England's biggest category as it is for people who want to compete and be part of a structured competitive pathway. It is for our club members who want to compete in competitions not exempted under Swim England law, or designated as a Low Level Competition.

(Download the definition here).

Cost is £40.00 per year



Wavepower 2020-23: Child safeguarding policy and procedures for clubs


Wavepower 2020–23 is the latest Swim England Child Safeguarding Policies and Procedures publication which replaces all previous versions.


The aim of Wavepower is to safeguard all children in line with current legislation, regulations and guidance and is for use within any Swim England affiliated organisation where children are present. 

Wavepower consistently emphasises that the responsibility for child safeguarding in our sport belongs with all those involved in our sports and is not the sole responsibility of any one person at local, county or national level.


Ensuring that children are safeguarded should be a key part of how our clubs and swim schools operate and helps to provide a safe, happy and fun environment in which children can learn to swim and develop their skills.


The responsibility to safeguard children does not belong to any one person, but instead belongs to everyone who plays a part in delivering our sporting activities. Wavepower is intended for anyone involved in these activities and offers practical guidance and information on mandatory requirements and good practice.


Please click on the link below and you will be directed to the Wavepower page on the Swim England website where you are able to then download the full safeguarding document.


The Club's Welfare Officer is available to discuss any issues/concerns with regards to safeguarding and will deal with them under the guidance of Wavepower.

Our volunteer Welfare Office can be contacted on 

SwimLine - A Brisitsh Swimming Helpline associated with the NSPCC, specifically for swimmers is

0808 100 4001


The Success of Ryde Swimming Club Relies on Volunteers.


Our Aim: To spread the work load by continually seeking volunteers to assist with the following:




For Ryde Swimming Club to flourish it is essential to not depend on the same few volunteers. We need to continually evolve and encourage swimmers, parents and those with a passion for swimming to get involved. By doing this we won't stagnate and we can offer a club that is organised, enjoyable and successful for years to come.


If you would like to volunteer in some way, please speak with one of the coaches or contact us via the website. We can then discuss where your skills might be best utilised / what skills you might be interested in developing e.g. officiating. No previous experience is necessary just enthusiasm and a positive/friendly attitude.


For more information about officiating please click on the following button:


Ryde Swimming Club runs on a very tight budget, therefore to enable the club to purchase any equipment or fund any training we do require some additional support through fundraising. 


Throughout the year the committee will arrange fundraising events, so if you have any ideas please let us know. 


Additionally if you would like to fundraise for the club, that would be fantastic! 


Any contribution would be gratefully received and will really make a difference. 

It is so simple to get going all you have to do is:

1. GO TO http//

2. Sign up for free

3. Get shopping and start raising

 No catches, no hidden charges and Ryde Swimming Club will be really grateful for your donations.

It would be fantastic if you could join us and really make a difference.

Ryde Swimming club

JF Performance 

Just present your Swim England card and say you swim at Waterside

Sports and remedial Massage 1 hour £25.00

For more fantastic offers including Injury Rehabilitation, Strength conditioning

please contact James for all the latest treats



 Innovation centre

St Cross Business Park


PO30 5WB

Facebook - Jf performance



Member Benefits

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