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Sensory Swim awarded grant from the Wight Aid Foundation

Sensory Swim, a new programme to help children with sensory or learning disabilities has been awarded a grant of £2,808 by The WightAID Foundation. Sensory Swim was set up by Genevieve Jolliffe, who grew up on the Island and who returned from Los Angeles two years ago with her family, including her 5 year old, non verbal son Cash, who has ASD and attends Medina House.

“I’m a mum to an autistic son who absolutely loves water! Like many children on the spectrum, he would be in water all day if he could. However, he has no idea of the dangers of water and being on an island, I'm in constant fear that he could drown. I called the Ryde Waterside Pool to ask if they could help.

Being incredibly understanding, having taught autistic children previously, and wanting to help their community, they agreed to the swim classes and Sensory Swim was born! We're delighted that we can bring this to our community and hope that it will be just the beginning of helping our island children who have ASD, sensory disorders and learning disabilities, become safer swimmers! We couldn’t be more grateful to WightAID for being the recipient of this award!”

Manager of the Ryde Waterside Pool, Todd Miller and teachers Ash Sweet and Hannah Knight, have volunteered to teach the sensory swim classes. The programme was given a kick start last September through a grant from The Isle of Wight Council’s Sports Development Unit, and it was because of this initial help that it became obvious Sensory Swim classes were a necessity for island children.

The WightAID Foundation was created to provide financial support to the people of the Isle of Wight for projects and activities that will benefit our unique community. Their vision is to unite local and national business altruism and channel funds to where they are most needed.

If you have a child with sensory or learning disabilities and would like to attend Sensory Swim, please take a look at our website and contact us at

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