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Changing Room Refurbishment

Our changing rooms are currently over 20 years old, so we are looking at ways in which we can fully refurbish the changing rooms to bring them up to date, more hygienic as well as fixing on going issues with air circulation, showers and cubicles.

We are currently applying for grants to help support the refurbishment of the changing rooms and are keen on obtaining your thoughts to help us work with contractors to achieve the best result from the refurbishment, whilst maintaining low ongoing maintenance costs, robust and long lasting fixtures and fittings, cleanliness and suitable drainage and ventilation. If you have any suggestions, please do share them on our Facebook post @rydewaterside

What would you like to be proritised for the Centre's future refurbishments?

  • Refurbishment of the changing rooms

  • Re-tiling of swimming pool

  • Replace flat roofs at the Centre and fit solar panels

  • Construct an additional training pool


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